Kern County

Supervisor Zack Scrivner, County of Kern (County Rep. and Kern COG Board Member)


Councilmember Bob Smith, City of Bakersfield (Large City Rep. and Chairman of Kern COG)


Councilmember Cathy Prout, City of Shafter (Small City Rep.)

Kings County

Supervisor Doug Verboon, County of Kings (County Rep. and KCAG Board Member)


Vice-Mayor Diane Sharp, City of Hanford (Large City Rep.)


Mayor Alvaro Preciado, City of Avenal (Small City Rep.)

Fresno County

Supervisor Steve Brandau, County of Fresno (County Rep)


Mayor Jerry Dyer, City of Fresno (Large City Representative and Fresno COG Board Member)


CHAIR – Vice Mayor Gary Yep, City of Kerman (Small City Representative and Fresno COG Board Member)

Madera County

Supervisor Robert Poythress, County of Madera (County Rep. and MCTC Board Member)


Mayor Santos Garcia, City of Madera (Large City Representative)


Council Member Diana Palmer, City of Chowchilla (Small City Rep.)

Merced County

VICE CHAIR – Supervisor Lloyd Pareira, County of Merced (County Rep. and MCAG Board Member)


Mayor Matt Serratto, City of Merced (Large City Representative)


Mayor April Hogue, City of Dos Palos (Small City Representative)

San Joaquin County

Supervisor Chuck Winn, County of San Joaquin (County Rep. and SJ COG Board Member)


Vice Mayor Dan Wright, City of Stockton (Large City Rep.)


Councilmember Gary Singh, City of Manteca (Small City Rep.)

Stanislaus County

Supervisor Vito Chiesa, County of Stanislaus (County Rep. and StanCOG Board Member)


Bill O’Brien, private citizen representing Larger City (formerly served County BOS, StanCOG Board and SJV Policy Council)


Anthony Canella, private citizen representing Small Cities (former Senator)

Tulare County

Supervisor Eddie Valero, County of Tulare (County Rep. and TCAG Board Member)


Councilmember Frankie Alves, City of Exeter (Small City Rep.)


Mayor Martha Flores, City of Porterville (Large City Rep.)

SJV REAP Committee Meetings

June 25, 2021

December 10, 2020

June 26, 2020

January 17, 2020