Accessory Dwelling Units

The San Joaquin Valley REAP program has developed a template ADU program for cities across the valley to use, for free. The information provided on this page includes an Informational ADU Handout for the General Public, an ADU Implementation Guide for Local Planners, a Slide Deck Template local planners can use at their planning commission and city council meetings, an overview of existing ADU ordinances and Programs, a sample HCD approved Ordinance you can use in your jurisdiction, and free ADU Housing Plans…a complete suite for implementing an ADU Program in your community!

What is an ADU

An ADU is a secondary housing unit on a single –or multi-family residential lot that provides complete independent living facilities including kitchen and bathroom facilities for one or more persons. Also known as: second units, guest cottages, in-law suites, casitas,etc.

Tools Available for Local Agencies in the San Joaquin Valley
The tools available to implement your ADU program are discussed and available for download in the document titled “A Local Agency’s Guide to Implementing Accessory Dwelling Units in the San Joaquin Valley.” In this document you will find tools to update your ADU ordinance, create an ADU How-to Guide for your community, and have access to pre-reviewed ADU plan sets. Click below on the ADU Implementation Guide to access this document.