Major Highways and Interstates



The Valley RPAs work in close consultation with Caltrans and other stakeholders to prioritize funding for SR 99 and other major highways and interstates. The 99 Business Plan helped the Valley achieve dedicated funding for SR 99 through Proposition 1B, the only transportation earmark in the bond placed before the voters. Caltrans Districts 6 and 10 have completed the necessary Corridor System Management Plans required by the State, updated the 99 Business Plan and Master Plan, and coordinated continued project selection and funding alternatives. The Directors, working in close consultation with Caltrans District 6 and 10 staff, routinely meet and discuss Prop. 1B bond savings and other funding strategies to enhance and improve SR 99, I-5, and other critical projects.


Ongoing Activities:

  • Establish prioritized project list for funding under the new FAST federal transportation program.
  • Explore SHOPP funding for the updated Business Plan and auxiliary lane concepts, as projects are eligible. ┬áDevelop Master Strategy for the SHOPP. ┬áKern COG to coordinate with Caltrans D6, SJ COG to coordinate with D10 on opportunities for additional programming.
  • Establish a list of projects that are eligible for 99 bond funding, research what resources can be leveraged to deliver additional projects on the 99 corridor.