Joint Funding Strategies


The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a multi-year capital improvement program to assist the State and local entities to plan and implement transportation improvements, and to utilize resources in a cost effective manner.  STIP funded improvements include state highways, local roads, public transit, intercity rail, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, grade separations, intermodal facilities, etc.  Interregional Improvement Program (IIP) funds are programmed by Caltrans on a statewide priority basis, for use primarily on the State highway system (outside urbanized areas) and projects that generate economic development.

The eight Valley RPAs developed a coordinated programming proposal for the 2012 STIP.  Similar to the 2010 San Joaquin Valley coordinated STIP, the goal of the proposal was to balance the collective annual programming capacity of all eight RPAs against programming priorities of each RPA that may exceed or be below the individual annual programming shares.  The Valley’s 2012-coordinated STIP illustrated a commitment to regional collaboration where benefits are shared, maximized and maintained within our region.  


Ongoing Activities:


  • Conduct follow up and programming coordination as needed for the 2015 STIP.
  • Develop a milestone timeline for IIP programming – establish a goal of 20 percent.
  • Develop a milestone timeline for SHOPP programming.
  • Discuss whether there should be a regional set aside.
  • Develop an optimized strategy for STIP/IIP funding for the next 20 years with the goal of all eight counties getting priority projects and therefore supporting the full 20 year plan.