2016-02-29_1220Railex is a multimodal logistics distribution center located in the City of Delano (Kern County) two miles from east of State Route 99 off of Pond Road. Railex focuses on decreasing long haul truck traffic, cutting harmful emissions, and reducing diesel fuel consumption. Railex consists of a 225,000 square foot refrigerated truck to rail transfer facility. Railex facilities have separate computer controlled temperature zones allowing for all types of commodities to be stored at their ideal temperature. Their loading dock is about 1Ž4 of a mile long with 19 rail plates that can load/unload 19 rail cars at one time, one rail car is the equivalent of 3-4 truck loads. Railex decreases long haul truck traffic by providing a five-day coast to coast rail transit 52 weeks a year. Current volume is about 4,500 railcars per year; moving 2 trains per week from CA to Schenectady, NY. Warehouses are designed efficiently to load and unload an entire train, between 40 to 80 rail cars, within a 24 hour time frame. The Delano train departs every Wednesday and Friday afternoon and arrives guaranteed by Monday and Wednesday evening. Railex has been in operation since 2008 and employs approximately 150 employees. General Manager Gary Peña explains what makes Railex successful are the employees and their role in the company. Mr. Peña treats his employees as family and also offers them the opportunity for advancement when the opportunity presents itself. Railex is an approved SmartWay Transport Partner recognized by the US EPA. They are committed to providing a cleaner planet to future generations. On average, Railex rail delivery solutions save more than 200,000 gallons of fuel per week resulting in three times fewer emissions versus long haul truck delivery. Since inception in 2006 Railex has:


  • Reduced fuel consumption by nearly 49.5 million gallons, compared to over the road trucks
  • Reduced carbon output by 973,137 metric tons, compared to over the road trucks
  • Saved 312,968,719 long haul freight miles
  • Transported 111,855 truckloads in 790 train trips


Railex’s logistics business model is doing its part to protect and improve the environment by lowering fuel consumption, moderating green house gases and reducing pollution while providing jobs. Railex is providing growers and manufacturers transportation and distribution alternatives; keeping costs down and allowing producers to reach markets faster and on time.

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