2016-02-29_1146Along Highway 99 and State Route 165 in Stanislaus County is the City of Turlock, founded in 1871 by John Mitchell and incorporated in 1908. Downtown Turlock is a captivating tree-lined area of unique stores housed in historic buildings along

Main Street and Golden State Blvd.  The Turlock Chamber of Commerce, Turlock Downtown Property Owners Association and the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Turlock have all played a critical role in fostering the vibrancy of the area that includes brick paved sidewalks, historic mixed-use buildings, mature tree landscaping and meter-free parking, according to Sharon Berry at the Chamber. Redevelopment agency funds went towards rebuilding the Carnegie Arts Facility and the new Turlock Public Safety Center.  The City of Turlock recently created a Business Incentive Program which offers cash incentives to new business owners for locating downtown. Downtown Turlock is a must visit destination along SR 99.

State Route 99: Local Gem Historic Downtown Turlock


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