Land Availability

At a very basic level, increasing housing supply is completely dependent on the availability of land for housing development – not just the availability of any land but land that is suitable for development (e.g., not subject to hazardous conditions or physical constraints) and has access to essential services to support housing (e.g., water supply, waste disposal, road access). While the San Joaquin Valley has vast amounts of undeveloped land, most of the land constrained from development based one or more of a broad range of factors. This section explores some of the more common constraints that have potential for resolving, as well as opportunities and best practices for removing constraints. Seven topics are addressed, including:  

  • Annexations, spheres of influence, county islands, and municipal service reviews
  • Infrastructure
  • Disadvantaged unincorporated communities
  • Water conservation and management
  • Surplus public land
  • Religious/public institutions
  • Agricultural land preservation